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Tony Burroughs

  • From My Black Oak to My Black Ancestors
  • Platting Plantations
  • Genealogy in the Electronic Age

Damani Davis

  • The Kansas "Exodusters:" Using Federal Documents to Explore the First African-American Migration from the South
  • Immigrants from the Caribbean: Using Federal Records to Locate Black Ancestors from the British West Indies

Roberta Estes

  • DNA and Genealogy: An Introduction
  • Finding Your Native American and African American Heritage Using DNA

Jim Ison

  • Using FamilySearch to Solve African-American Research Problems
  • Four Key Resources for African-American Research
  • The Fugitive Slave Act and the Underground Railroad

Shamele Jordon

  • Maps and Genealogy
  • Records of Resistance
  • Records of the Rebellion: Documenting African Americans in the Civil War

Sandra Joseph

  • Beginning African American Research
  • U.S. Census Techniques and Strategies for Finding Elusive Ancestors

Lisa Lee

  • Finding Blacks in Canada
  • Finding Your “Unfindables”
  • Search & Reward Notices

Carla Peterson

  • What's Under the Dust? Recovering Family History from the Archives

Timothy Pinnick

  • African American Veterans in the Grand Army of the Republic
  • Developing the Genealogy of an African American Community: A Case Study
  • Tips, Strategies & Resources for the African American Researcher
  • More Tips, Strategies & Resources for the African American Researcher

Angela Walton-Raji

  • The First Days of Freedom
  • Finding Native American Ancestors in African American Families
  • From Mosaic Templars Through the Royal Circle of Friends
  • Breaking Through the Brick Wall of 1870 with Civil War and Reconstruction Era Research

Michele Wood

  • Not to be Forgotten: One Artist's Journey of "Going Back Home"